Our motto: "Whistle on your way to work."

About us

Whistle on your way to work

A good match between employer and employee, with respect to culture and ambition, is an important prerequisite for a pleasant employment relationship. Finding a job that is both enjoyable and challenging or finding the right candidate can be a difficult and time-consuming search. We would be happy to assist you achieve that goal!


We have in-depth knowledge of the labour market. In addition, we built up a large network of jobseekers and companies over the years.


We stand for quality

During a one-to-one conversation, we look beyond the CV, we deepen our knowledge and understanding of the person behind the CV. We assess the knowledge, work experience and wishes of the applicant. This is an important requirement for a good match between jobseekers and employers.


Our work area:

•          Recruitment and selection

•          Interim management

•          Outplacement


We also have knowledge of and experience with different forms of work. From fixed-term contracts to flexible staffing and from a permanent workplace and set working hours to new ways of working. The labour market is constantly moving and demands greater flexibility from employers and employees.


We are also able to offer pay rolling to both parties.